Legal Documents

Our Business Certificates

doc pharmacy sec registration

SEC Registration

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Business Permit

Doc pharmacy BIR

BIR Certification

Mission and Vision

Mission: To become the leading and primary distributor of branded medicines and medical devices within healthcare facilities in Lanao del Sur.

Vision: We aspire to become the most efficient pharmaceutical and medical retailer through leveraging technology and collaborating closely with healthcare professionals and manufacturers.

Values: Honesty and Efficiency


Dr. Jaafar Said

General Practitioner

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Dr. Juhairah Magarang – Said


Our Top Competitors

Mercury Drug

Strengths: Strong Brand Recognition, Extensive Retail Network, Wide Range of Products, Knowledgeable Pharmacists, and Customer Loyalty Programs

Weakness: Limited Online Presence

Rose Pharmacy

Strengths: Extensive Presence, Customer-Centric Approach, Online Presence

Weakness: Not too Wide Range of Products

Our Plans to Beat the Leading Brands

  • Collaborate with additional drug manufacturers to enhance drug availability and distribution efficiency.
  • Form partnerships with healthcare professionals to enhance patient compliance.
  • Establish ourselves as the Premier Tagalog Online Health Education Resource.
  • Leverage technology and artificial intelligence to optimize our operational efficiency.

Brands We Carry


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